Originally formed in Amsterdam, natural fragrance brand Abel have recently moved across the world to New Zealand, where they now call home. If you’ve ever been lucky enough to visit New Zealand, you’ll understand how such an incredible natural environment could have inspired the brand’s latest scent creation

Cyan Nori


Master perfumer Issac Sinclair crafts a mental image with his description which is sure to blow away your lockdown cobwebs;

“Imagine that you’re by the ocean and a bolt of sunshine slices through the clouds…this is how I would describe Cyan Nori.”

Created by the ocean, for the ocean, this fresh new essence bursts with juicy fruits of tangerine and white peach, and a deep oceanic saltiness brings you a level of something bold and unexpected

Brand founder Frances Shoemack built Abel with the principles of sustainability and transparency in the fragrance world. The creation of Cyan Nori represents these values down to the very last drop

The very ingredients used in the composition are influenced by the inspiration behind it. The cornerstone of this fragrance is plant derived musk. This is what gives the scent its effervescent quality and longevity on the skin. But the hero ingredient is Nori, or Algae Absolute, which is a type of seaweed grown off the coast of France. It’s not an ingredient you’d typically find in perfumery, but it’s got a host of therapeutic benefits and is a perfect base to support the fruity top notes

Cyan Nori transports you to the coastline on a sweet and salty aromatic mist

Abel are breaking with the perfume industry mould by consistently working hard to uphold their core values. Their commitment to using only plant derived ingredients alongside supporting environmental causes, is paving the way for other brands to make some changes too

With a rising awareness amongst the general public of the benefit of a plant-based diet on the environment, and the dreaded Covid-19 making people reconsider what it means to be healthy, it stands to reason that this critical change in thinking would evolve to other areas like beauty and fragrance

Thankfully Abel are already there

Cyan Nori offers the purchaser a way to make a difference, perhaps before they’re ready for something bigger like becoming a vegan (although all Abel fragrances are vegan friendly!) The full list of plant-derived and ethically sourced ingredients is available on Abel’s website, so you know exactly what you’re putting on your skin, and 1% of Cyan Nori revenue goes to supporting non-profit Sustainable Coastlines New Zealand

One thing’s for sure, Abel is very ‘in vogue’ right now, and their newest fragrance has its own singular energy, gaining its strength from the faceted composition of its all-natural ingredients, and the true and commendable brand values it represents

In short, we blooming love it

Available for purchase now online at www.e-scents.co.uk and stockists nationwide