The fragrance world is rooted in history as far back as the late 1300s. It’s evolved through the ages, as everything has, to give us the industry we know and love today. Our modern era influences, inspires and affects everything when it comes to perfumery, be it positively or negatively, but 27 87 Perfumes is standing proudly from the crowd right now in 2021

There’s an accessible modernity to each of the 6 fragrances in the collection that touches our contemporary age and revolves around aspects of that Millennial and Gen Z lifestyle we’re always hearing so much about. Think about your day to day; we bet most of your time is spent looking at or creating social media posts, scrolling your feeds, making reels or TikToks, answering emails, texting on your phone, the list goes on! Technology is a huge part of everyday life

But then there’s the other side of it. The urge to travel and see the world, because never in history has it been so accessible (pre-pandemic obviously). Self-care, the rising interest in meditation and feeling mentally well. The joy of meeting new people, drinks with friends, partying at the weekends and living every moment of happiness you can squeeze out of life. Well, 27 87 is your companion to that modern life

Romy Kowalewski founded this niche fragrance brand in 2016 with the singular goal of crafting scents that enhance an individual and the reality around them. Barcelona-born, 27 87 redefines luxury in the simplest terms. Contained within those minimalist bottles of her collection are unique ingredients, reems of meticulous research and the perfumery knowledge of some of the world’s finest noses to bring us long-lasting evolutionary scents

It’s clear how much thought has gone into every facet of this brand. The bottles are clean edged white opaque (there’s only one black one) and feel chunky in your hand; a solid presence much like the modern world we’re living in. The predominately plain bottle faces inspire a blank canvas sort of feeling which echoes the ethos of the brand nicely. We’re all writing our own story, perfumed or otherwise

Then there’s the fragrances themselves. Split into 4 separate lines including Now, Wild, Go & Calm, the fragrances are #hashtag, wandervogel, genetic bliss, sonar, elixir de bombe & hamaca. Each has its own distinctive packaging reflecting the inspiration behind it, and each is a celebration of today’s generation. This contemporary company’s contemporary values shine through; every fragrance is gender neutral, cruelty-free, vegan friendly, long-lasting and entirely unique

One of our favourite touches is the size these fragrances are available in. Progressively untraditional, you can purchase them in 27ml and 87ml bottle sizes, in homage to the brand name. You can also reuse the packaging and bottles however you please, contributing again to the core modern values of the brand. In short, we’re excited by this fragrance brand, and you most definitely should be too

You can find 27 87 Perfumes online at, and they’ll also soon be available at Harrods’ new H Beauty stores