“There’s only one very good life and that’s the life you know you want and you make it yourself.” – Diana Vreeland

Devoted to this sweeping idea that you could make yourself as interesting as you wanted, DV lived and breathed a uniqueness that was sometimes disliked, sometimes misunderstood but always revered. Diana Vreeland was a pinnacle of her profession, a totem of fashion and a fountain of wise words. Nicknamed the Empress of Fashion, spend the next 5 minutes with us, as we shine the spotlight on this legendary lady and her parfums

One of her first industry jobs was at Harper’s Bazaar magazine as a columnist. Diana’s ‘Why Don’t You’ column offered advice and suggestions out of the norm and set the tone for the iconic defiance of rules she would come to be known for, and the way she revolutionised everything that crossed her path. She spent years at the iconic magazine before moving to Vogue as editor-in-chief

The influences and contacts gained across her 35+ years in the industry meant we had no choice but to be forever changed in the way we experience fashion, art and life. Diana Vreeland was a woman who believed in dreams and thinking beyond, and brought a vision to life unlike anyone who had come before her, and anyone who’s come since her death in 1989

Her legend lives on via her family members, those who knew her, and her autobiographies. Google ‘Diana Vreeland’ and you’ll be hit with quote upon quote of her own musings on life, so many of which resonate with us today, and will continue to. There’s a wonderfully dramatic finality to some things she said, like “Unshined shoes are the end of civilisation”, but also a depth of meaning that can provoke hours of thought, like “There’s only one thing in life, and that’s the continual renewal of inspiration.”

Alongside the gifts she left behind, we’re also lucky enough to have access to the iconic Diana Vreeland Parfums. Created in New York in 2014 by DV’s grandson Alexander Vreeland, this fragrance collection pays homage to her legacy, her iconic status and her influence on fashion throughout the 20th century

Her passion for words and colour shines through this collection, as well as the embodiment of her personality; fearless, colourful, confident and fun. In a world where fashion and luxury are vital, and at the risk of turning DV into an adjective, each perfume is so ‘Diana Vreeland’

With titles like Wildly Attractive, Outrageously Vibrant and Daringly Different, each one comes in a bold statement colour with contrasting tassel adornment, and it’s hard to miss the faceted rainbow bottles wherever they may be found. And that, in our opinion, is the epitome of the lady herself

You can shop Diana Vreeland Parfums at Harrods and on e-scents.co.uk