There’s nothing we love more than visiting our stockists, so we took a little trip over to Winchester recently and paid a visit to The Hambledon. A beautiful independent department store just a stone’s throw away from Winchester Cathedral, they stock a fabulous selection of niche fragrance brand D.S. & DURGA, and have a real appreciation for one of our quirkiest brands

In buyer Victoria’s words; “We’re very particular, extremely fussy and not a little wilful so it was unbelievably exciting to stumble across DS & Durga on one of our spying/buying trips to Paris. This is a fragrance collection which not only smells delicious and looks quite beautiful but is also weirdly specific in its inspirations. There are a number of us here who might cite The Pixies as a favourite band, so Debaser strikes a very resonant chord. Who doesn’t long for the prairies of Cowboy Grass? We understand the exactness of the smell of Concrete after Lightning…”

Visiting The Hambledon is always such a pleasure, and we were especially grateful to the team for taking the time out of their busy day for some brand training. It’s always fun when we get to rave about one of our brands!

“We were delighted to meet the lovely Terence in store recently for some training and to hear the stories and inspirations behind some of the new fragrances. Terence’s sample spraying had Hambledon staff from every corner of the building rushing to join in. We’ve welcomed I Don’t Know What, Crystal Pistil and Grapefruit Generation onto our roster, and new candles Bergamot Superior and Salt Marsh Rose. I Don’t Know What has quickly become a staff favourite and we’re loving wearing it on its own or mixing it with other DS & Durga fragrances as an enhancer. We are delighted and thrillled to be a DS & Durga stockist and can’t wait to share our newfound knowledge, and genuine enthusiasm, with our customers.”

The products themselves looked stunning too. Carrying a mix of fumes, body and home fragrance bits from the line, we were so pleased to see the D.S. & Durga display looking eye-catchingly beautiful, exactly as it should. So, if you happen to be in Winchester don’t forget to stop by, say hi to the team and, most importantly, sniff your way through the D.S. & DURGA line!