Last month we launched our newest fragrance brand Ellis Brooklyn at Harrods Beauty stores. The already established store at Lakeside Shopping Centre in Thurrock was the first to get the line, but we also placed these luxury scents in the brand-new Milton Keynes store

A range of beautiful and elegant bottles, the perfumes themselves are the kind of thing you find yourself reaching for every day, so we’re certain they’re going to be a popular choice from the fragrance bar

With interest already growing in Ellis Brooklyn, particularly with FAWN and SALT, we popped up to visit the Harrods team in Milton Keynes to deliver a spot of brand training. Staff members were keen to learn more about this exciting new brand, especially when they heard it was founded by Bee Shapiro

The New York Times Beauty Editor is a well-known face and name, thanks to her exceptional writing skills and social media presence, and has put a lot of effort and expertise into crafting the Ellis Brooklyn brand. Great information to tell a potential customer

Although they’re carrying a reduced line, full size and travel size products are on H Beauty shelves right now, and we’re excited to see how popular they are amongst consumers. With summer on the horizon, the fragrances lend themselves really well to warmer weather, so they’re the perfect choice for wearing this time of year

Ellis Brooklyn is also available on