‘Perfume is armchair travel’

This tagline is the backbone supporting every fully formed fragrance and every new olfactory idea from niche indie brand DS & Durga. At a time when we’re all stuck at home wearing pyjamas (don’t even try to deny it), that ethos has taken on a significance that we never appreciated more until now

With this latest release, brand founders David and Kavi are transporting us to the tropical and historical jungles of the Yucatan Peninsula. One sniff of Jazmín Yucatan and you’re suddenly at a cenote in Mexico. Close your eyes and imagine it’s that mystical time just after sunset. The heat of the day still hangs in the humid air as the scent of jasmine begins to permeate around you. If you’ve ever spent time in the jungles of Mexico, memory chords will definitely be thrummed when you spritz this onto your skin

Originally a limited edition collab with Opening Ceremony, this perfume has now been relaunched as a permanent addition to the collection. A beautiful invocation of Mexico’s wild and saturated jungle environment, it’s an intensive jasmine-fused fragrance that is unique enough to satisfy even those who tend to instinctively lean away from that particular floral aroma

It opens with a water essence saturated with aromas of bergamot and passion flower. The passion flower note enhances the natural jasmine streak and the animalic component it contributes. Then you’ll start to notice the clove element. This brings a harmony to the more floral notes, grounding them and effectively manifesting the earthy jungle. Fresh cenote waters mix with the green notes like vetiver and snake plant, and the fragrance finishes with the copal resin. A nudge to the ancient peninsula and the native historical rituals performed at the edge of the cenote, the end note is a little heavier and adds to the humidity of the overall fume

For those of you who don’t already know, co-founder of DS & Durga David Moltz has his roots in music and this contributes in huge amounts to the creation journey of each fragrance. Every wittily titled perfume comes with its own specially curated Spotify playlist, and we’d highly recommend giving Jazmín Yucatan’s a listen. It’s a Yucateca fiesta

Do yourself a favour and let DS & Durga take you to Mexico. Available online at e- scents.co.uk