Sexy and bold. Elegant, and most decidedly present. That’s Photogenics+Co

Scroll on down to keep reading, as we shine a spotlight on our newest niche scent brand and its holistic approach to fragrance

What do the hippie communes of California and Vogue Paris have in common? The answer is Nicole Bordeaux. Perhaps you know her as the iconic fashion model muse of Guy Bourdain, or maybe you’ve heard of her premier LA fashion agency Photogenics Media?

Having lived an enthralling life across Paris and LA, the experiences and knowledge Nicole accumulated undoubtedly contributed to the birth of Photogenics+Co. The facets of high fashion, early life interests and a desire to bring more of a ‘mood’ to home fragrance led to the creation of this edgy statement brand, and boy, are we pleased 

Conceived in 2017, Nicole’s childhood captivation with natural medicinal herbs and plants forms the backbone of the brand. Emulating that holistic Cali lifestyle through scent, the way the pieces have been designed and are portrayed to the world is clearly influenced by her appreciation of high fashion and knowledge of how to tell a story through imagery

Nicole has moulded and shaped her aromatic line to bring the benefits of natural remedies to the world, but she’s also ‘made it fashion’

The psychoactive effects of herbs and plants are what make this line so unique. They’re rooted in a holistic, cannabis-inspired approach, or in Nicole’s words ‘It’s cannabis, but not’. The 7 scents available are Hashish, Sativa, Indica, Betel, Pavot, Hyssop and Resin, each one fulfilling a large part of the brand’s ethos to create products that are deeply connected to the earth

Every scent is very different, but they all have that ‘cannabis’ signature that links them, and they’re gender neutral too – very on brand for 2021. If there’s floral notes within a scent, then deeper notes are added to offset this and ensure the scents appeal to everyone

The materials used to create the vessels also sit with the remit of ‘connection with the earth’. Brutalist-inspired structures made from concrete, but elegantly delivered, they’re statement pieces designed to place well within any home. We love the natural Mexican lava rocks in the dome diffusers. They bring a spiritual vibe which slots in nicely with the organic, remedial aura circulating this brand, and hits squarely on the ever-growing need for grounded self-care

Alongside all of this, Nicole’s desire to create something she herself would want in her home shone through. The metal accents and sculptural designs make these real statement pieces, with just enough elegance to continue the non-binary factor, but they’re also reusable. That’s right, there’s even a sustainability element. The room sprays, for example, come in concrete housings specifically designed for the vintage inspired bottle, but you can reuse them however you like, you just have to get a little creative. Not to mention the bottle is beautiful enough to keep around long after it’s finished

We’re pleased to say Photogenics+Co is currently available in Selfridges, London and is also coming soon to, so make sure you grab your piece of sensual sculpture and reap the psychoactive benefits of the scents that await