We like to think of ourselves as the custodians of niche, here at Luxe Associates. The brands we work with have something special, something unique, and we always believe wholeheartedly in the stories they’re trying to tell

That’s why we recently launched our brand portfolio at one of London’s renowned premier fashion retailers, Harvey Nichols. Because where better to shout about 5 of our most intriguing and expertly executed olfactory brands, than the epicentre of cutting-edge and desirable products? 

Before we get into the brands themselves, we’d like to mention a little something that warms our hearts; our very own London tube sign, created especially for the occasion. Glowing bright outside the store’s entrance, it was certainly something to behold. What a shame it wasn’t to last, but the council didn’t fancy renaming Knightsbridge station for some reason

Anyway, we digress. Moving on to our brands

DS & Durga believe in the power of scent and its ability to return you to a world over and over again. The entire brand ethos is built around perfume as armchair travel. Each of their scents is an aromatic snapshot of a moment, or a half-forgotten memory that you can carry on your body. In short, they’re a seriously cool brand from New York City

2787 Perfumes was founded by Romy Kowalewski with the purpose of creating perfumes that enhance a person’s immediate reality. Unapologetically trendless, the fragrance bottles are minimally designed to be a canvas, not competition, for their content. Romy partners with some of the world’s finest noses to bring us her progressive fragrances under the name 2787, which interestingly is the date and year of her birth

Nasomatto is the fragrance house with the most mystique. Nose Alessandro Gualtieri has forged a wonderfully perplexing line of fragrances that are only ever described by their inspirations. You’ll never find an ingredient list. Bold and playful, but also a little risky, masculine and feminine lines are blurred with Nasomatto’s perfumes, leaving you guessing but hungry for more

Orto Parisi was also created by Alessandro Gualtieri, although we think you’ll agree this brand and Nasomatto are very different! Moved by the raw and organic perfume of life, he drew his inspiration from his grandfather Vincenzo Parisi’s garden (‘Orto’ means garden in Italian). The idea is that we experience our body like a garden and translate our body’s natural odours into sophisticated scents. Parts of us which carry more smell are where more of our soul is collected, and each perfume has been cultivated into a line of fragrances that smell like a true mirror of our soul. A real thought-churner!

Lastly we have Abel, the Amsterdam born turned New Zealand resident brand. A wonderfully simple, natural line of fragrances, they are made from 100% plant derived ingredients which develop with your own body scents as you wear them throughout the day. Abel make a point to be transparent with their ingredients, donate to world charities with every purchase and contribute as much as possible to sustaining the environment

And there you have it. Our delightful mix of fragrance brands, each with their own individual and incredible story to tell. They couldn’t be more different from each other, but they sure did look striking sat together on the counter at Harvey Nichols

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