Cosy up and listen in, because we’ve got a story to tell. You might have spotted the name Ellis Brooklyn on our Insta over the last few weeks but there’s only so many words you can write over there. Instead, we want to give you the opportunity to discover this compelling new fragrance brand chapter by chapter

Read on to discover the tale of Ellis Brooklyn

Chapter 1

There once was a lady named Bee Shapiro who lived in Williamsburg, NY. Living her best life as a beauty columnist for the New York Times, she quite understandably fell in love with the beauty industry and all it had to offer. But it was the magical world of fragrance which shone through for beauty junkie Bee, and after falling pregnant with her baby girl she began searching for cleaner, non-toxic fragrance options. This endeavour teamed with her wealth of knowledge about the beauty industry, helped propel Ellis (her daughter’s name) Brooklyn (the area where Bee lived) to fruition

Thus, the brand was born, and with a strong ethos too: Clean ingredients, sustainable sourcing and unforgettable scents 

Chapter 2

Alongside distinguished perfumer Jérome Epinette, the duo decided from the very beginning that each ingredient would be questioned and assessed before use in their transcendent formulations. That means many of the major toxins and perhaps dubious ingredients already used in the industry, are excluded from Ellis Brooklyn scents

In a show of care for the planet, and for you dear reader, the entire collection is certified cruelty-free, vegan and eco-friendly. Spritz and whiff an Ellis Brooklyn scent with confidence, knowing that it won’t be doing things like affecting hormones, or introducing micro-amounts of plastic to your system. Even the bottles are made from eco-friendly glass and plastic elements are kept to an absolute minimum

Chapter 3

The innovative formulations inside the bottles are in a league all their own. Sophisticated, elegant, multifaceted and the kind of thing you want to reach for every day, the perfumes are inspired by Bee’s love for writing. Each product in the line is a nudge toward a literary characteristic, and even the logo itself was crafted from similar origins. If you’ve heard of a literary lion, you’ll know it’s what you call a writer who has ‘made it’ as an author. A perfect accolade to Bee’s writing career, she felt it was a little too old-fashioned and stunted to apply to the Ellis Brooklyn brand. So, a new modern standard was set, and the literary leopard was born

Each fragrance in the line has its own olfactory tale to tell, every note a syllable in the story of the scent. Once sprayed onto your skin, you’ll begin to weave your own narrative as the pages of the long-lasting essence turn throughout the day. There are no unhappy endings either, the story coming to a close as you slide into bed and dream

The End

Ellis Brooklyn is launching in H Beauty stores from 29th April 2021, and will also be available on