Quirky niche fume brand D.S. & Durga recently launched a video campaign celebrating their #1 global best seller I DON’T KNOW WHAT

Working with Charlotte Ercoli, a film and commercial director at Simulacra Pictures, the campaign seamlessly conveys the concept behind the popular fragrance, but without directly talking about it, all whilst maintaining a staccato of eccentricity – a key part of the much-loved brand’s image

When we reached out, the brand had this to say about the conception of the collab:

“Charlotte reached out to us on Insta and David was really impressed with her tone, feel, and humor. After one call, he knew she understood our bizarro brand. She is resourceful like us and can make giant things implied with tiny vignettes – which mirror our fume ethos.”

When asked about her impression of the scent, Charlotte’s words were:

“I knew immediately this was a mysterious fragrance, redolent of another time, and place dreamt up by D.S. & Durga. Therefore, it was very important to convey that in the campaign without giving the notes of the scent away.”

You can watch the full video here