With a global approach to curating their distinct scents, IDEO Parfumeurs’ founders Ludmila and Antoine Bitar are masters of telling a story through scent. Drawing inspiration from Mediterranean locations and the rich history and culture of their home city of Beirut, IDEO Parfumeurs takes its name from the French term ‘Ideal Olfactif’ – in other words, the olfactory excellence this exciting brand has introduced through their exquisite and exotic scents

The four fragrances include: A Weekend in Fountainbleau, Prison Blues, London to Mumbai and Malika’s Temptation. Featuring inspirations ranging from Delacroix paintings to the adventures of Lord Mountbatten, the collection reflects this globetrotting couple’s passion for perfume and storytelling talent

You can also find an edited range of their incredible candles, 3 hand-selected scents specially chosen by the Liberty buying team to reflect the diversity of the brands fragrances

We carried out our brand training with the Liberty team this week, so why not visit the store and get the lowdown on this truly exceptional brand. If you can’t get to the store, you can find out more, read an interview with the creators or shop online at the Liberty London website, by clicking here

100ml Eau de Parfum £140 / 180gr Candle £35