Earlier this month we hopped across to the emerald isle to witness the launch of new and intriguing skincare brand Alex Carro. The event was held in Dublin by Fetch Beauty, and founder Alex herself was in attendance to answer any and all questions about her creation 

On a mission to strip beauty back to basics, Barcelona-based Alex has created a capsule collection of 5 skincare products which are a breath of fresh air in what is a rather saturated market

Chic and minimalist packaging is the first thing to note. The shiny black bottles and their accompanying grey boxes mean the products are uncomplicated, approachable and appeal to all genders. This and the contents inside, are all produced in Barcelona; no outsourcing for cheaper packaging here. And there’s none of the typical claims or promises of ‘wrinkle free skin in 5 days’ as you might expect either

The products themselves are ingeniously designed to be mixed together, bringing an accessibility to the range. Whether you have oily, combination or dry skin, you can mix the products in any combination that’s most effective for you. What a perfect antidote to the ever-changing conditions of our skin. No longer do we need to purchase multiple products at the behest of the passing seasons, hormone fluctuations and whatever else; Alex has solved the problem with her ‘one collection fits all’ approach

Alex Carro products are not only incredibly pragmatic, but they’re also vegan friendly. Crafted using distinctive and carefully curated natural botanicals, each product is effective, luxurious and intelligent for maximum impact on the skin

Consisting of a Facial Cleanser, Exfoliating Powder, Face Cream, Balancing Face Oil and a Multi-Use Balm, this is serious skincare. More and more people are waking up to the ingredients they’re putting on their skin, and Alex Carro is addressing that by stripping away the filler and fuss altogether. It is beauty simplified for everyone, and most definitely one to watch

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