‘The power of scent is equal to that of sight and sound’ – D.S. & Durga

As we write this, D.S. & Durga’s ‘I Don’t Know What’ playlist of French jams is playing in the background. Every one of their fragrances gets its own playlist, so we’d recommend heading over to Spotify and choosing your background music first, before diving with us into the world of this gloriously quirky perfume brand…

So have you chosen? Is it playing? Great, let’s begin

Brooklyn born niche fragrance house D.S. & Durga takes its name directly from the founders. Ex-musician and self-taught nose of the brand David Seth Moltz claims the ‘D.S.’ part. His wife Kavi Ahuja, a trained architect, is ‘Durga’, David’s nickname for her drawn from Hindu mythology and meaning ‘mother of the universe’

Each has a role in crafting the business as equal as their share in the brand name. David is the perfumer. He and he alone, conceives each scent from scratch without the input of a middleman or anyone else. Having an in-house nose means the brand can claim a certain uniqueness compared to other perfume houses. Kavi draws on her extensive architectural skills to build the houses for his scents and design the stories around each fragrance

Their ethos is the backbone of the brand; ‘Perfume is armchair travel’. David and Kavi tell stories through scent, they encapsulate a world within a bottle. There’s a realism in each unconventional and wittily titled fragrance, the essences within each bottle swirling with David’s memories, experiences, impressions and inspirations. There is a journey compressed into each perfume; a path trodden by David and Kavi, and then wonderfully shared with the wearer, whoever they may be

It’s D.S. & Durga’s universe told aromatically, and they want us all to join them

Their affinity for connecting with their fume wearers means the full sensory experience of owning a D.S. & Durga fragrance begins at the very opening of the box. The packaging is functional, minimal and made from eco-conscious materials which are 100% recyclable. It’s important to know each scent is cruelty-free and vegan-friendly too. You’ll find the story of the fragrance printed on the box, and David’s notes on the conception inside. Once you’ve spritzed (or doused yourself if you prefer) in your chosen scent, don’t forget to listen to the playlist. The tunes David has chosen to accompany each fume gratifyingly complete the entire affair

With 19 entirely unique aromatic tales to choose from, we can’t help but wonder if the names themselves, although chosen to represent the story inside, might also be adding another subconscious level to the wearer’s ability to choose from this extensive sensory range

We don’t know about you, but our eye is always drawn to Burning Barbershop or Coriander. Is this an extra subliminal journey David and Kavi are taking us on? Perhaps we aren’t even choosing the scent for the scent. Maybe we’re choosing the name and the story. Our immediate attraction to Kavi’s visual elements is what influences our love for what’s inside, even if we wouldn’t normally choose a fragrance so smoky, or so green

Separate to that, names like Cowboy Grass or Mississippi Medicine are bound to stir up your own personal memories, which will in turn influence your enjoyment of the scent itself. After all, the fragrances are David and Kavi’s tales and experiences, but we all have our own stories to tell too

Boasting an extensive range of unique fragrances, candles and even air fresheners for your car, you’ll find D.S. & Durga products online at e-scents.co.uk and in department stores Harrods and Liberty

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