If you’re passing the windows of Liberty’s beauty department in the next 2 weeks, you’ll be hit with the ingenious and colourful imagery of one of our quirkiest niche fragrance brands, D.S.& Durga.

Taking over the department store’s street facing spaces, the likes of Grapefruit Generation, St Vetyver and Jazmín Yucatan are set to attract the attention of passers-by, enticing the likes of you inside to give the scents a whiff

Those of you with beady eyes might also notice the addition of Salt Marsh Rose in one of the windows. The new *limited edition* candle can only be found at Liberty, so now is your chance to get your nose on it!

With top notes of mallow and sea lettuce, a heart of swamp rose, sweet pepper bush and a base of creeping bent grass and lichen moss, you can bet your only limited-edition candle it’s one beautiful scent

Alongside Salt Marsh Rose are favourites old and new. The juicy and almost mystical Grapefruit Generation and the humid, floral Jazmín Yucatan sit with their buddies Carribbean inspired St Vetyver and sea-breeze-in-a-bottle Rose Atlantic, to name a few

With the tagline ‘perfume is armchair travel’ plastered across every window, it’s clear the kind of olfactory treat you’re in for when you pay the dedicated counter a visit. Escape the busy streets of London for a moment and instead step into the dry spiced streets of India, the citrus groves of Italy or the clammy jungle of Mexico

Known for taking the wearer to faraway places, D.S. & Durga’s clever provocation of your olfactory-triggered memories means each person’s experience is different as you sniff your way through the line, but certainly no less transportive

So, step inside the doors of one of London’s most loved department stores and plonk yourself down in the metaphorical armchair. See where it takes you, go on