Liberty. London’s emporium of pioneering design, beautiful merchandise and unexpected edits from the world’s greatest brands, brought to the public across 6 floors and nestled in a cocoon of Tudor revival architecture

We couldn’t think of a more appropriate place for niche New York City fragrance house DS & Durga to set up shop

Last week the husband-and-wife founders of the brand flew into London for two very special reasons. To set up our new DS & Durga counter showcasing all their fragrance and body collections, but also to launch the new Greatest Hits vol 1 collection

A discovery set of 6 of the brand’s best-selling scents in travel sized form, Greatest Hits means you can experience several perfumes from the brand without committing to just one (as if that’s even possible!) Including Debaser, Rose Atlantic, Radio Bombay, Bowmakers, Cowboy Grass and I Don’t Know What, you can explore some of the most artistic olfactory experiences in the industry with just one spritz

The counter itself is pure DS & Durga. A sleek black background with icons taken from the fragrance labels themselves shining in neon lights and glinting off the row of fantastically minimal bottles. It’s an unfussy, eye-catching area of Liberty’s fragrance floor which flawlessly showcases the perfumes, candles and body products on offer, and assures you of the joys awaiting you when you approach

For David and Kavi, the achievement of having a space in one of the UK’s most famous department stores was clear as they perfectly placed each fragrance and candle along the counter. And for Liberty, it was a chance to showcase another niche brand which fits seamlessly into the store’s heritage. To quote Oscar Wilde,

‘Liberty is the chosen resort of the artistic shopper’

And who better to appreciate the artistry behind each DS & Durga fragrance, than the discerning Liberty shopper on the hunt for something exceptionally new and different. We’d say the brand’s ethos of fragrance as armchair travel most definitely fits the bill .