An isolated jewel in the Mediterranean, the island of Capri harbours an ancient history as graceful as the fragrance brand which calls it home. Rooted in its beginnings, Carthusia embraces its origins as the backbone for their scents – past, present and future

Oozing with the seduction and elegance of Capri, follow us as we shine a spotlight on this rich and alluring brand producing small-scale niche fragrance right there on the island

Born of legend, in 1380 the father prior of the Carthusian Monastery of St James learnt of a surprise visit from Queen Joan of Anjou. Already on her way to Capri, the father prior picked a bouquet of the most beautiful flowers on the island to greet her arrival

For three days the flowers remained in their water, until, about to be thrown away, the prior noticed the water had taken on a fragrance unlike any he had experienced before. Turning to a friar with alchemical knowledge, the origin of the scent was traced to the ‘Garofilium Silvestre Caprese’, and that water became the first perfume of Capri

Now quick step through time to the same monastery in the 1940s. By chance the historical perfume formulae were rediscovered by the existing prior, and after obtaining permission from the Pope, they were shared with a chemist from Piemonte. The two were determined to recreate this precious scent, and so created the smallest perfume laboratory in the world, and they called it ‘Carthusia’

To this day, the brand crafts its scents using the same techniques as the 1300s. This means everything can be maintained as small-scale and traditional – a culture of perfume that is unique in the world and coveted by all who visit the island. Every stage of production is carried out by hand, right down to the wrapping of the bottle, and every scent grants the wearer the purest and most intense access to the emotions within

Each fragrance produced by Carthusia has its roots in Capri. The ingredients used to craft the scents are taken only from what the island can offer, to produce refined olfactory harmonies that immediately transport you there. One eyes-closed whiff and you can almost feel the sun warming your skin

There’s an exclusivity behind these faceted glass bottles that exudes famous Capri from every glinting surface, and you know before you sniff the perfume that you’re about to be as jaw-droppingly delighted as you were when you first set eyes on the island itself

The bond between Carthusia’s scents and its Capri home is undeniable. Even the symbol adorning the bottles plays on the relationship. A flower siren, she brings to mind the rugged mythical landscapes of the island, and emulates the blooming flowers from which the brand draws its inspiration and derives its scents

The brand began with Fiori di Capri, an elegant breath of florals different from all the others, and now they have an impressive line of fragrances for him, and for her, alongside body, home, and accessory lines. Available to shop at Liberty London and online on, you can take the magic of the island home with you and visit every day with just one spritz

Images supplied by Carthusia