Since it’s unveiling, Harrods Salon de Parfums has been the go-to destination for some of the world’s most expensive and finest fragrances

Created as a showcase for the most precious luxury scents, it’s a fragrant haven on the sixth floor. The epitome of olfactory delight, we recently ascended into this exquisite nirvana to celebrate the launch of New York’s niche perfume house DS & Durga

There it was. The collection positioned enticingly at the end of the marbled gallery, nestled in gold and framed by the huge crystal chandelier which crowns the ceiling

To be considered worthy of such a position is a huge feat for the brand, and it certainly held its own amongst the surrounding fragrance heavyweights

Harrods created its Salon de Parfums as a way of addressing the growing appreciation for fine fragrance and people’s interest in individuality, rather than conformity. That’s where niche, lesser known brands step into the limelight. People are looking for unusual uniqueness; something to shout about. And DS & Durga certainly delivers on that

The brand’s ethos of perfume as armchair travel shines through each scent they create, telling a story or invoking a memory with each whiff. The unusual names of each fragrance only add to the quirky vibe, and the moment you spot individuals like Burning Barbershop or Mississippi Medicine, you can be sure you’ve got hold of something special

After it’s stint on the sixth floor, DS & Durga will be transported down to the (only slightly) less opulent Black Hall. Find it on the ground floor